Moving Day part 1

‘Tis the night before moving day and all through the house, things were a mess, it could use a good dowse. The boxes were stacked by the front door in an awkward manner, packing is not my strong suit, I’m a wedding planner. J with his drill and I with my tape, have been working all day to get this house to take shape.

That’s all I’ve got.

I’m tired.

I have to leave by 6:30am to meet the carpet crew.

I have to wrap Christmas presents at some point.

I need a packing fairy to finish my packing.

We move tomorrow.

 We will be in the process of moving for the next week or so.


Weekend Update

Oh my gosh! This weekend was so productive and so exhausting! If I’m this tired, I can’t imagine what J is feeling. On Saturday J, E, and I got up early, ate some pancakes and made our way over to Home Depot. Seriously, with the amount of money we’ve thrown at them lately, someone over there better be taking a nice vacation! This house stuff is so expensive, but so worth it. We purchased a water softener, one toilet, all of our recessed lights, tile for the laundry room, mud room, garage hallway and bathroom, door handles, hardware for the cabinets, light bulbs, wires, and so on.

Title: Thank God we had a 10% off coupon!

After conquering Home Depot, we were off to Warners’ Stellian where we ordered our appliances. We went with LG for most of the appliances and Kitchen Aid for the dishwasher.

Refrigerator LG

Oven (I think) 5 burners, double oven with convection on the bottom and a infrared broiler. LG

Microwave with a warming lamp. LG

Dishwasher. KitchenAid

Washer. LG with TrueSteam

Dryer, LG with TrueSteam

All of the appliances are getting delivered on Tuesday!! J and I did our research and made sure our appliances were energy efficient and highly rated on Consumer Reports. Hopefully we made the right choices.

After our shopping extravaganza, we went to the house and found our electrician busy installing the new recessed lighting.

    Awesome electrician! Four lights in the living room

5 new lights in the kitchen

While the lights were being installed, J and I were busy sanding the textured walls (what a job!!), cleaning and scraping/sanding the ceilings.

Dining room sanded and reading for primer and 4 recessed lights and a spot for a chandelier.

On Saturday night I got home and crashed! Sunday was full of driving because thanks to our wonderful neighbors and my father-in-law, we were able to empty our storage locker. There’s $100/month that we can put towards the house! While I was busy commuting back and forth, J, our electrician, and our good friend were back at the house working hard. We were able to finish scraping and sanding the ceilings, sanding the walls, getting all the new lights installed and priming the dining room.

Dining room (purple room) primed, lighted and ready (almost) for paint. Any color, except purple.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us this week. A lot of our work will concentrate on painting the main level, cleaning(!!!) and doing odd jobs (like fixing the one working, or not working now, toilet).

Patching the walls to be painted.

My beautiful hardwood all covered in dust (this was after the first cleaning).

My kitchen counters. At least the ugly blue is covered by the dust.

My glowing, tired, hard working and amazing husband (and father-in-law in the back)

We had a contractor come do some mold and water stain removal. The house smelled like bleach for a couple of hours, but I'm so glad it's gone. This is the main level, there was more in the lower level.

This week we have appliances on Tuesday, ceiling contractor on Wednesday to put in knock-down, carpet install on Friday and moving on Friday night.

Oh, and painting and cleaning and packing and cleaning some more and then continuing to paint until our arms fall off.

Until the next post…

Moving Along

Things are moving along relatively smoothly (knock on wood) at the house! We had a hiccup with a contractor coming a week(!) late, but they got the work done and we’re ready to continue on. J and his dad got the well pump working, so we now have water.

We are making pretty good progress on our to-do list!

  1.  Close on home
  2. Change the locks: we did purchase the locks.
  3. Move our tools and supplies for our renovations  Well, most of our tools. 
  4. Contractors come to do mold removal (on ceiling): A week late, but done
  5. Replace ceiling, scrape remaining ceilings, put in knock down, paint: We scraped some ceilings, we will replace the hole on the main level this weekend, we have a contractor coming in on Wednesday and Thursday to put in knock-down and paint. 
  6. Prime and paint walls…pick out colors (yikes): Upstairs is primed, two rooms are painted. The main level is partially primed but we got a little crazy and decided to…
  7. NEW: Sand awful, annoying, gross looking, and disgusting textured paint off main level walls. Dining room is done…this is going to be a lot of work.
  8. Order and install appliances: Ordering this weekend. 
  9. CLEAN!!! A never ending process
  10. Tear out flooring by garage area and tile ? No idea when this is happening??
  11. Order E’s new bedroom set: Santa has some work to do.
  12. Measure, order and install blinds: Oh, I kind of forgot about this one. 
  13. Purchase needed lights: This weekend. 
  14. Electrician work: Met with our awesome electrician today and made a plan for him to install 5 recessed lights in the kitchen, 4 in the living room, 4 mini recessed lights in the dining room, 4 recessed lights in our bedroom,  and 2 in our master bath. 
  15. Purchase and install water softener: This weekend. 
  16. Have ducts cleaned: Possibly after we move. 
  17. NEW: Tear out carpet: This weekend
  18. Have carpet installed: Friday, Dec. 23
  19. Tear out old toilets and install new: This weekend?
  20. Purchase and install garage openers:
  21. Purchase and install sump pump: This weekend
  22. Plumbing repairs: J is working on this right at this very moment! 
  23. New: Pack. Pack. Pack.
  24. New: Move (Dec. 23 will be our first night there)
  25. New: Change address on everything…HUGE task!
I made our Christmas cards this week after we were able to take a family picture outside of the house. It’s amazing that E is actually looking at the camera. So..for your viewing pleasure…

Weekend Update

J and his dad spent the entire weekend working…four 12-hour days in a row! Wow!! They were able to get the entire upstairs primed, 2 bedrooms painted and all of the ceilings painted. Tonight J is there putting up a garage door opener and working on the well pump.

Ah…the well pump. Our first disappointment in the home- it’s not exactly working. Well, it’s kind of working, but it’s not working correctly, therefore, we have the water shut off on all of the sinks and all but one toilet.

I tried to clean…but it’s kind of hard to clean without water. So the windows all were washed with Windex, the banisters were dusted, and the counters and sinks were wiped down with Clorox wipes.

E’s bedroom and the office are painted, we’re leaving the 3rd bedroom just primed until we have another addition to our family, and we picked out the color for our bedroom.

This week we need to pick colors for the living/family room, kitchen, dining room, and toy room. We also need to scrape the ceilings in preparation for the knockdown to go in, tear out all of the carpet, order appliances, and try to get the main level primed and painted

Anyone good with a paintbrush? You’re welcome to use your talent on our house this weekend!

Moving day is all set for December 23…it just so happens to be the same day the carpet goes in…we’ll see how that goes.  But I’m determined to get us in the house for Christmas in order to set up a tree and have Christmas morning at our new house.

More pictures coming soon!

Closing Day

Today is the day!

This pen is getting ready for it’s big signing day!

We close at 3pm and then we have plans to go to the house and start the massive work project that is ahead of us. We’re also taking E to the house for the first time! I’m so excited to show him his room, the yard, and all of the space we will have.

As we start all of our projects, I’m going to try to take pictures to keep you updated on the progress. So stay tuned! This week it will be a lot of busy work like patching holes in the wall, cleaning, and transferring some tools over. By the weekend, we hope to start priming the walls and maybe even get some paint up. My biggest paint color choice I have to make is our master bedroom; the rest have either been decided or can wait.

I can’t believe this day is finally here! We’ve been in this process of looking at homes, trying to sell our home, trying to get the mortgage situated and waiting for so long; I’m really looking forward to what we have in store for us!


So, our closing was delayed for 3 days. We’re now closing on Wednesday of this week. Yes, I’m still excited! So very excited!!

This weekend we ordered carpet (!!!!), got two more quotes on appliances, made another “to-do-when-we-finally-get-the-keys” list, interviewed potential renters, and spent time together!

All in all: good weekend!

To do when we actually get the keys

OK. Three days until we get the keys! Three days, three days, OH MY GOSH!! We’ve been busy shopping for and thinking about all of the home items that we need in the first few weeks. To give you a glimpse of what we’re thinking about, here’s part of our “to do” list.

  1.  Close on home
  2. Change the locks
  3. Move our tools and supplies for our renovations
  4. Contractors come to do mold removal (on ceiling)
  5. Replace ceiling, scrape remaining ceilings, put in knock down, paint.
  6. Prime and paint walls…pick out colors (yikes)
  7. Order and install appliances
  8. CLEAN!!!
  9. Tear out flooring by garage area and tile
  10. Order E’s new bedroom set
  11. Measure, order and install blinds
  12. Purchase needed lights
  13. Electrician work
  14. Purchase and install water softener
  15. Have ducts cleaned
  16. Have carpet installed
  17. Tear out old toilets and install new
  18. Purchase and install garage openers
  19. Purchase and install sump pump
  20. Plumbing repairs

Oh…pack and move.


No big deal.

My Carpet!

Ah, the carpet. I picture J and I reliving this scene with a few other questions.

“And why is there permanent marker on the carpet, J?”

“And why does it look like a cat threw up over there, J?”

“And why is this carpet so utterly disgusting, J?”

“And why is this carpet so dirty it makes the house smell, J?”

“Who lives like this, J?”

“I don’t know, Maria.”

From the very first moment we saw the home online, we knew that we would have to do something with the carpet. “Oh, we’ll just have it cleaned…really, really well.”

Wow. Were we in for a surprise!

The carpet in the entire house needs to be replaced. Entire. The basement is OK enough where we feel comfortable holding out for a while, but that’s only because we’re not using the basement until we redo it!

So we trotted off to Home Depot to learn about carpet. And, boy did we ever learn! All of a sudden we were discussing face weight, twist and nylon. We needed to decide on a pad and a color.

Oh the colors. I wanted a “kind of light brown so it doesn’t show the dirt as much.” Haha, they laughed, here are 35092123 light browns to choose from. After taking a few samples home and deciding one was too gray, one was too yellow and the last was juuuuust right, we decided on “Toasted Tan.”

Not that it means anything to you.

But, what we did learn from this whole experience is that it is important to become educated when making our decisions. We looked at many other carpet stores to compare and were so grateful for our mini carpet lesson at Home Depot. We felt like informed consumers as we walked into each store and were able to make the best decision for our carpet!

Who knew carpet could be so exciting?

Want to learn more? Click here!

Our Story

Our story.

Where do I begin?

J and I married in the fall of 2008. During our engagement, I had the pleasure of planning our beautiful wedding. It was the perfect day and a wonderful beginning of our life together.

photo by: Kristen Anne Photography

Nine months later (yeah, I’m serious) we were blessed with the arrival of our son, E. He is the greatest joy in our lives! Nothing tops being a parent…absolutely nothing.

Fall 2011

It was about at that time when J and I decided to take the leap and put our house on the market. The ever failing, doomed selling market. We were optimistic, however, because of all of our updates and “pride of ownership” in our home. Bring it on MLS!

We patiently waited.

We waited…kind of patiently.

We waited.

And waited.

Showing after showing, sometimes two per day for multiple days in a row. We had to be doing something right…?? Clean, bake cookies, pack up kid and dogs in car, and go somewhere for an hour…over and over and over and over.


This fall our family had a terrible tragedy happen to our family. It started the busy evening of a showing, open house at school, and other activities. Although we know that the showing didn’t cause this to happen, it finally caused us to pause and say, “Enough.”

With that, we took our house of the market.

At the same time, we began to be interested in a home we saw online. Well let’s be honest, I couldn’t get the house out of my mind. I drove past it every day on the way to school and thought, “Really? Is this the one?” One day I called the number on the sign, I just wanted to find out what was wrong with the place, it’s bank-owned you know.

Then, through a strange twist of events, we found out that our childhood friend is the owner of the listing company. After a couple Facebook messages, we went for a showing and were initially disappointed. There was another offer on the table and this place needed A LOT of work. We sat around for a while thinking about our next move when our Realtor called us and told us that the other offer fell through. We decided to move right away and put an offer on the house.

J and I both thought that things wouldn’t work out…there were way too many obstacles in our way. Just the type of loan we are doing requires a lot of work, papers, time and effort. Thankfully we have a great mortgage broker and fantastic Realtor. Combine that with J’s impeccable organization and attention to detail, and we have a winning combination. I was fortunate enough to sit back and dream big about all of the decorating, remodeling, and parties that were in our future.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind and it seems so crazy that in less than a month we will be closing on our home. We still have a few hoops to jump through so J and I can’t consider this finished until the keys are in our hand…but how exciting this has been.

I can’t wait to continue to share with you and we continue on this journey!