Ah, the carpet. I picture J and I reliving this scene with a few other questions.

“And why is there permanent marker on the carpet, J?”

“And why does it look like a cat threw up over there, J?”

“And why is this carpet so utterly disgusting, J?”

“And why is this carpet so dirty it makes the house smell, J?”

“Who lives like this, J?”

“I don’t know, Maria.”

From the very first moment we saw the home online, we knew that we would have to do something with the carpet. “Oh, we’ll just have it cleaned…really, really well.”

Wow. Were we in for a surprise!

The carpet in the entire house needs to be replaced. Entire. The basement is OK enough where we feel comfortable holding out for a while, but that’s only because we’re not using the basement until we redo it!

So we trotted off to Home Depot to learn about carpet. And, boy did we ever learn! All of a sudden we were discussing face weight, twist and nylon. We needed to decide on a pad and a color.

Oh the colors. I wanted a “kind of light brown so it doesn’t show the dirt as much.” Haha, they laughed, here are 35092123 light browns to choose from. After taking a few samples home and deciding one was too gray, one was too yellow and the last was juuuuust right, we decided on “Toasted Tan.”

Not that it means anything to you.

But, what we did learn from this whole experience is that it is important to become educated when making our decisions. We looked at many other carpet stores to compare and were so grateful for our mini carpet lesson at Home Depot. We felt like informed consumers as we walked into each store and were able to make the best decision for our carpet!

Who knew carpet could be so exciting?

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