OK. Three days until we get the keys! Three days, three days, OH MY GOSH!! We’ve been busy shopping for and thinking about all of the home items that we need in the first few weeks. To give you a glimpse of what we’re thinking about, here’s part of our “to do” list.

  1.  Close on home
  2. Change the locks
  3. Move our tools and supplies for our renovations
  4. Contractors come to do mold removal (on ceiling)
  5. Replace ceiling, scrape remaining ceilings, put in knock down, paint.
  6. Prime and paint walls…pick out colors (yikes)
  7. Order and install appliances
  8. CLEAN!!!
  9. Tear out flooring by garage area and tile
  10. Order E’s new bedroom set
  11. Measure, order and install blinds
  12. Purchase needed lights
  13. Electrician work
  14. Purchase and install water softener
  15. Have ducts cleaned
  16. Have carpet installed
  17. Tear out old toilets and install new
  18. Purchase and install garage openers
  19. Purchase and install sump pump
  20. Plumbing repairs

Oh…pack and move.


No big deal.