Today is the day!

This pen is getting ready for it’s big signing day!

We close at 3pm and then we have plans to go to the house and start the massive work project that is ahead of us. We’re also taking E to the house for the first time! I’m so excited to show him his room, the yard, and all of the space we will have.

As we start all of our projects, I’m going to try to take pictures to keep you updated on the progress. So stay tuned! This week it will be a lot of busy work like patching holes in the wall, cleaning, and transferring some tools over. By the weekend, we hope to start priming the walls and maybe even get some paint up. My biggest paint color choice I have to make is our master bedroom; the rest have either been decided or can wait.

I can’t believe this day is finally here! We’ve been in this process of looking at homes, trying to sell our home, trying to get the mortgage situated and waiting for so long; I’m really looking forward to what we have in store for us!