J and his dad spent the entire weekend working…four 12-hour days in a row! Wow!! They were able to get the entire upstairs primed, 2 bedrooms painted and all of the ceilings painted. Tonight J is there putting up a garage door opener and working on the well pump.

Ah…the well pump. Our first disappointment in the home- it’s not exactly working. Well, it’s kind of working, but it’s not working correctly, therefore, we have the water shut off on all of the sinks and all but one toilet.

I tried to clean…but it’s kind of hard to clean without water. So the windows all were washed with Windex, the banisters were dusted, and the counters and sinks were wiped down with Clorox wipes.

E’s bedroom and the office are painted, we’re leaving the 3rd bedroom just primed until we have another addition to our family, and we picked out the color for our bedroom.

This week we need to pick colors for the living/family room, kitchen, dining room, and toy room. We also need to scrape the ceilings in preparation for the knockdown to go in, tear out all of the carpet, order appliances, and try to get the main level primed and painted

Anyone good with a paintbrush? You’re welcome to use your talent on our house this weekend!

Moving day is all set for December 23…it just so happens to be the same day the carpet goes in…we’ll see how that goes.  But I’m determined to get us in the house for Christmas in order to set up a tree and have Christmas morning at our new house.

More pictures coming soon!