Things are moving along relatively smoothly (knock on wood) at the house! We had a hiccup with a contractor coming a week(!) late, but they got the work done and we’re ready to continue on. J and his dad got the well pump working, so we now have water.

We are making pretty good progress on our to-do list!

  1.  Close on home
  2. Change the locks: we did purchase the locks.
  3. Move our tools and supplies for our renovations  Well, most of our tools. 
  4. Contractors come to do mold removal (on ceiling): A week late, but done
  5. Replace ceiling, scrape remaining ceilings, put in knock down, paint: We scraped some ceilings, we will replace the hole on the main level this weekend, we have a contractor coming in on Wednesday and Thursday to put in knock-down and paint. 
  6. Prime and paint walls…pick out colors (yikes): Upstairs is primed, two rooms are painted. The main level is partially primed but we got a little crazy and decided to…
  7. NEW: Sand awful, annoying, gross looking, and disgusting textured paint off main level walls. Dining room is done…this is going to be a lot of work.
  8. Order and install appliances: Ordering this weekend. 
  9. CLEAN!!! A never ending process
  10. Tear out flooring by garage area and tile ? No idea when this is happening??
  11. Order E’s new bedroom set: Santa has some work to do.
  12. Measure, order and install blinds: Oh, I kind of forgot about this one. 
  13. Purchase needed lights: This weekend. 
  14. Electrician work: Met with our awesome electrician today and made a plan for him to install 5 recessed lights in the kitchen, 4 in the living room, 4 mini recessed lights in the dining room, 4 recessed lights in our bedroom,  and 2 in our master bath. 
  15. Purchase and install water softener: This weekend. 
  16. Have ducts cleaned: Possibly after we move. 
  17. NEW: Tear out carpet: This weekend
  18. Have carpet installed: Friday, Dec. 23
  19. Tear out old toilets and install new: This weekend?
  20. Purchase and install garage openers:
  21. Purchase and install sump pump: This weekend
  22. Plumbing repairs: J is working on this right at this very moment! 
  23. New: Pack. Pack. Pack.
  24. New: Move (Dec. 23 will be our first night there)
  25. New: Change address on everything…HUGE task!
I made our Christmas cards this week after we were able to take a family picture outside of the house. It’s amazing that E is actually looking at the camera. So..for your viewing pleasure…